5 Considerations when engaging a Cleaning Contractor

LogoChoosing your Cleaners could well be controversial and confusing. Its actually not rocket science, so here’s a guide to set you on the path to certainty.

1) Are we all on the same page ?
Its not uncommon to hear remarks like “I don’t know what they do all the time ?”. Avoid such the confusion by drawing up a specification for your project.
This means that no-one should be in doubt about what is required.

2) Comparing the hourly rate..
Is relevant when employing wage staff. However, with contractors it is only one variable in a more complex equation. How long will it take ; what approach will be used ; what equipment will be used ; how efficient are the methods ?
Rather compare a price for the job (Apples with Apples).

3) No – body is perfect.
When mistakes are made, does your contractor have risk management strategies in place ? Public Liability; Indemnity ; Workman’s Compensation ?
If your contractor can find affordable insurance, someone has determined he’s an acceptable risk and worth giving a go.

4) Do they know what they are doing ?
Cleaning uses either serious elbow grease or controlled chemical reactions or a combination of both to varying degrees. Are there procedures in place to keep things safe ?

5) Has your prospective contractor been around for a while ?
Experience counts…even when things are relatively simple.