Business Profile

Company Particulars

Trading Name : Spick n’ Speck Cleaning Solutions


Suppliers of Cleaning Services to Businesses and Strata Properties in the Perth CBD and surrounding areas Including: West Perth, East Perth, Crawley,Welshpool, Kewdale, Carlisle, Victoria Park and Belmont.
Australian Business Number (ABN) : 42592112606. BN 11230356 / January 2008

Contact Details:

  1. Unit 29/57 Frederick Street Belmont WA 6104
  2. (08) 614 39824

We are confident that we would be able to reliably service our clients for years into the future.

Capabilities and Capacities

Currently, we offer the following Services:-

  1. Cleaning of Common Strata Areas
  2. Regular Reports on Maintenance Issues (Only when specifically Requested)
  3. Cleaning of Business Premises (After – Hours).
  4. We operate in the Perth CBD where we currently attend to 8 high rise Residential Buildings.

Further we attend to several Large Office Buildings in the Welshpool Kewdale area.
We feel that with attention to detail and dedication to excellence, we can improve conditions to the workplace and to Residential areas. This ultimately impacts positively on efficiency, marketability and profitability for the
Business owners and Property Investors who support us.

Insurance Details

Being “Trades Monitor” accredited Contractors, we have all the required insurances to provide our customers with “Low Risk” experience. We are comprehensively Insured wrt.

  1. Public Liabilty
  2. Professional Indemnity
  3. Workers Compensation
Corporate Governance

We believe in treating our customers and employees in the same way that we would wanted to be treated ourselves. As such we have appropriate procedures and policies in place to deal with the following:-

  1. Customer Satisfaction
  2. Safety of Employees and Customers
  3. Employee Satisfaction
  4. Quality Control

In the execution of our duties we have become aware that a “Managing” some situations can result in improved cost effectiveness.

Quality Management and OHS

We provide quality, attention to detail and compliance with workplace safety regulations.

  1. All Employees are carefully selected and inducted into our methods and procedures.
  2. We expect employees to maintain certain standards with regard to personal appearance and work ethic.
  3. We maintain a “hands on” approach wrt. all our work sites and are regularly on site to monitor quality.
  4. All employees are scrutinized in terms of fidelity.
  5. All our employees are aware of risks associated with the handling of Chemicals and are aware of procedures to minimize them.