5 Things we do to Maintain Cleanliness

  1. LogoEmploy Reliable and committed Staff.
    Our staff share in our vision.
  2. Regularly clean, tidy up dirty areas
    Generally, people are reluctant to be the first to make a mess
  3. Ensure that all parties involved are aware of what is required
    In many instance we find that people are not necessarily aware of  By-Laws or Regulations. This can often be rectified by giving friendly reminders.
  4. Ensure that By-Laws/ Regulations reflect the wishes of management.
    If requirements are not reflected in some way, enforcement becomes difficult.
  5. In Strata Managed Areas 20% of Residents can cause 80% of problems.
    Left free to ‘do their own thing’, such individuals can produce more work than can be dealt with.Effective management and support from Strata Management can lead to cost efficiencies.

5 Considerations when engaging a Cleaning Contractor

LogoChoosing your Cleaners could well be controversial and confusing. Its actually not rocket science, so here’s a guide to set you on the path to certainty.

1) Are we all on the same page ?
Its not uncommon to hear remarks like “I don’t know what they do all the time ?”. Avoid such the confusion by drawing up a specification for your project.
This means that no-one should be in doubt about what is required.

2) Comparing the hourly rate..
Is relevant when employing wage staff. However, with contractors it is only one variable in a more complex equation. How long will it take ; what approach will be used ; what equipment will be used ; how efficient are the methods ?
Rather compare a price for the job (Apples with Apples).

3) No – body is perfect.
When mistakes are made, does your contractor have risk management strategies in place ? Public Liability; Indemnity ; Workman’s Compensation ?
If your contractor can find affordable insurance, someone has determined he’s an acceptable risk and worth giving a go.

4) Do they know what they are doing ?
Cleaning uses either serious elbow grease or controlled chemical reactions or a combination of both to varying degrees. Are there procedures in place to keep things safe ?

5) Has your prospective contractor been around for a while ?
Experience counts…even when things are relatively simple.